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E1 - 13 V - Middle
E2 - 13 V - Relays
E3 - 14 V - Sprint

Now is available at the website or under that link [bulletin PDF]

Let's make your entry! :D In this year we use entry system from You can make an entry with or without login.

Link to entries: [ Link ]

We recommend you to create an account. Then you can edit your entry anytime and use your account for future entries.

We would like to invite you to International Orienteering Competition Przemyśl Fortress Cup 2017. This year you can take a part in 2 days orienteering event which includes 3 stages: 2 individual races with total classification and special relays event.


Invitation with first information is already available at website.

We are publishing link to the map of forbidden areas before Przemyśl Fortress Cup 2017

[Link to google maps]

It is forbidden to use an orienteering map on the area, it is forbidden to run along the terrain or organize an orienteering event.

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+48 888 645 733